A good husband is the epitome of lordly importance.
His opinion is always right.
Of course, his opinion is what should matter in his house.
Is he not the head of his house?
And because his opinions give birth to his actions
his actions are always right.
His wife (or wives) and children are in his house because of him.
They should cater to all his wants………and whims…….
Why not? They exist only to please Him.
Does not the Good Book say so?

The wife that challenges his opinion (or actions) is only talking to herself.
Who dash monkey banana?
Perhaps her family is ready to return his bride price?
The child who dares to assert his individuality may be asking to be disowned.
He is the head of his house.
He has decided that you will be a doctor.
A doctor you must be even if you hate the sight of blood.
Children are to be seen and not heard.
Wait until you become a husband, or until you have a husband
then you will see how important it is.

A good husband is the head of his own house and he must rule
with Absolute Authority.
He must have a rule book of acceptable behaviour in his house.
No, he should have two books; one for his children and one for his wife or wives.
This book must contain the appropriate punishment for every violation.
He must dispense these punishments without sentiment.
Every insurrection or rebellion must be crushed.

And what if he does something wrong?
He cannot be wrong!
Did you forget?
His opinion is ALWAYS right!
His opinion is what should matter in his house.
He is the head of his house.
You can edit it the way you like.




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