VERSEUP! is a community of poets fighting all forms of violence against women and children, using poetry as a weapon. We believe that poetry is a cheap but effective weapon as we crusade against the evil that Domestic Violence is.

It is our hope that we might heal a few victims and, perhaps, transform a few present and would-be abusers. Join us in this noble cause.

Rape, Domestic Violence and Women Abuse are evils that must not be left to roam free in our societies. The victims are our MOTHERS, SISTERS and DAUGHTERS (a few men too) and we cannot sit back and watch them suffer.Many have been damaged for life. More unlucky ones have died.

Some of these victims have no voice of their own. They have chosen to chew silence in the world’s extreme corner: battered wives, girls raped by brothers, fathers, uncles, neighbors and ‘friends’, boys abused by ‘aunties’, sodomized by ‘uncles’…the list is endless.

The perpetrators are human beings living among us and we must prod their consciences.

Be part of history and join your ink with ours as we battle against ‘DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND WOMEN ABUSE’. Our weapon, our language is POETRY.

By it, we might save a few, we might heal and transform some of the beasts perpetrate this evils.

A pen, they say, is mightier than swords.

So let us wield our swords well and hack at this evil that seems to be threatening the existence of our societies.
WRRPoetry is the flagship of the WRR Group which also includes Authorpedia, WRR Poetry, and WRR College Of Poetry.

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