#BringBackOurGirls: WHO WILL SUCKLE NIGERIA’S FAT NIPPLE?! (by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)

www.facebook.com/VerseUpAgainstWomenAbuse [WHO WILL SUCKLE NIGERIA’S FAT NIPPLE?!]

www.facebook.com/VerseUpAgainstWomenAbuse [WHO WILL SUCKLE NIGERIA’S FAT NIPPLE?!]

Nigeria is now a silent cradle
Placed in a growing puddle
As our endless tears fall
From tired eyeballs
Ordinarily we would have parades and celebrations. But today we mourn the few of us that have tears left in our eyes will let out a little more while the rest will make do with sights and sniffings.

Nigeria is only a deserted playground
Where pretty butterflies fly around
Looking through open gates
In search of playmates

As a person with sisters, hoping to have daughters, and indeed children, someday, I find it very painful to think about the ordeal of the almost 300 abducted Chibok girls.

Nigeria is the wedding feast
With grooms and a priest..
My eyes scan the scene
No brides are seen!
Boko Haram walked into our domain and stole our gems while we watched.
Now,our mouths are shut. We mumble lip-felt prayers, throw mud of blames around and still spare moments for ethnic and religious-based arguments.

Nigeria is like a milky nipple
Ready to feed the people
But the suckling lips
Are in Boko keeps
Meanwhile, those girls are there languishing in the holds of devils in human form.

Now, who will suckle
Nigeria’s fat nipple?
Must our wombs
Nurse tombs!
Is there any hope for redemption?



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