BROKEN RIB (by Miranda Ese Ogboru)

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Was it fate or faith?
… That plunged from her comfort zone
It had to be love
For it seemed flawless!
Public opinion, unwelcome…
Precisely the genesis of her romance
With the Gold fish.

“The charming is charmed”
“How could you?” “He’ll hurt you!”
The echoes of these words
Only fanned the flame of love!
Where others failed
The Gold fish sailed

Years rolled by…
She limped through memory lane
The sacred gift of individuality
Buried by sands of time!
The earth quaked, spewed her contents.
There laid shattered dreams
In the ruins of matrimony

Tags of shame
Fury of his fists
Blue, black, borne in vain
The tongue lash
That which she had
And had not, sacrificed for nought.
The back – stabs
That lulled her to sleep
The sleep of unproductivity
A victim of her desire!

Time! Stand not still!!
Hasten to the clouds
Let the rains bathe her
Mend this broken rib
For she must rise again
This time, to heights
Beyond her dreams!


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