FEMINISM: “Don’t assume a war because you’re called to dialogue”


One of the perks of being educated is that you can make researches and study about virtually anything before you draw conclusions or conclude on a subject matter.

I’ve met a lot of people that whenever the word “feminism” comes up, they go all Ninja and Samurai.

I remember talking with a guy and he said to me “Enwongo please never mention the word feminism, it is evil and not good.”

So I asked him, “what do you understand by the term feminism?”. He went mute and then came up saying something about it being against God’s will and a culture of the white people. I asked him again, “what does feminism mean and what’s the concept about?” Till today I am still waiting for the answer.

Why am I writing this? My best friend/partner taught me a valuable lesson. He never takes “I don’t know” as an answer. He believes that if you have a phone connected to the Internet [or let's say, a library you can access], then you can learn and find out about anything and everything. The world is in your hands. Knowledge and information is just a click away.

Before you jump into getting angry about a thing you don’t understand, take out time to research about it. It’s simple. Seek to know more about concepts that make you uncomfortable. You might learn a thing or two.

Before you attack a theory, movement or concept, know what it is in detail.

I see some people hide behind their aversion for Feminism to feel justified in their attacks of certain things.

  1. A lady wears agbada; ‘it must be feminism’.
  2. A woman stabs her husband; ‘oh yeah feminism caused that.’
  3. A lady attacks men because of her personal experience; ‘she must be a feminist.’
  4. A person speaks up against inhumane treatment of a fellow human; ‘Yeye feminist’.

It’s getting really juvenile.

And just to add, every movement will have extremes. Judging a thing on it’s exception is plain silly.

“I rather be female than feminist.” What does this even mean? Or “I rather be feminine than feminist”. Please just go biko.

Face your insecurity and ask yourself, ‘why does this make me uncomfortable’?

You cannot go to the demerits of feminism when you don’t even seek to know it’s merit. Before you undermine a thing, understand why it is necessary and not just because you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

No one is fighting you. Don’t assume a war because you are called to dialogue.

Written by:

Enwongo C. Cleopas, a Nigerian legal practitioner, public commentator and amateur photographer.

FEMINISM - “Don't assume a war because you are called to dialogue”

FEMINISM – “Don’t assume a war because you are called to dialogue”


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