I SHOULD NOT HAVE AGREED (by Darlington Ekene Ogugua)

I Should Not Have Agreed

I Should Not Have Agreed

She was huddled up in a corner,
a petite, swarthy woman.
Her eyes said, ‘fear‘ and shouted, ‘anger,’
sunken deep into their sockets.

That day when they exchanged vows,
clad in complementary black and white,
so sure was her heart, unlike now,
when wishes were all it conjured.

Her man was meant to be her man,
to kiss away her tears and fears.
Now his kisses were probably on ban,
and her cheeks were rarely dry.

I touch her arms, she wouldn’t budge,
‘Perhaps, he stalks,’ I think she fears.
‘I do not bear a grudge,’ she says,
‘I should not have agreed.’


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  1. Mishark Jonz on

    You don’t sound like your age. Guess we should Rate you with Chinue Achebe’s brains,,, with You, He lives forever!!! Keep it up Bruv! Africa Needs You!

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