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      • Yes it’s the peaceful healing and rejuvenation of our selves that supports and assists this change we want to be and see in the world today. We give thanks for your poetry that points in the direction of what we do want and allows us to imagine it as real and alive. Peaceful harmony between the sexes. Thank you for that energy.

          • Beloved many people do, Its with the help of your poetry and other support tools that help them hold that energy of peace,joy and love in the face of their challenges. You are doing the right thing by creating material that paints a picture that they can feel and see themselves in alive and happy. Your poetry along with other tools allows them to tap into the natural energy that they carry. The energy of harmony in the family. We all need the tools to hold that same divine desire that we all share. We are all one.We are cool and peaceful.

          • I agree and I will not relent. More people are being encouraged to participate with poems and articles.

            The #VerseUp tag is being used on Twitter, #Google+ and Facebook

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